About the Course

Getting started playing the piano

If you want to explore piano-playing in a fun way, on your own schedule, you've come to the right place! This course contains 30 video lessons and plenty of pdfs for you to practice. It's also visually creative and colorful, to increase your viewing pleasure. Real Piano Lessons will provide a solid foundation for you to begin your musical journey. You'll learn the layout of the keyboard and exercise your fingers, all while playing familiar songs. You'll even learn how to make your own music. It's a good value with real instruction. The equivalent private lessons would cost about $300. So dive in and let the fun begin!



Beverly Cashin

Ms. Cashin has been playing and studying the piano since age 7, beginning with traditional classical studies, and later adding jazz and chord theory. She completed her degree at Berklee College of Music in Boston in the late 1980s, and began teaching in the early 90s. Ms. Cashin performs professionally and composes music at the student and professional level.  Her published music is made available to her students and to the general public. ​With over 3 decades of varied musical experience, including solo performance, playing in rock bands, conducting choirs, accompanying for various choirs and individual vocalists, composing, guitar study, and audio recording, Ms. Cashin has much to share with her students, and with her other musical clients.    ​

Course curriculum

  • 3

    Getting Ready to Play Songs

    • About Pianos

    • The Black Note Pattern

    • Naming the White Notes

    • Finger Numbers, part 1

    • Finger Numbers, part 2

  • 4

    One-Handed Songs

    • Mary Had a Little Lamb

    • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    • Jingle Bells

    • Snake Dance

    • More Finger Number Practice

  • 5

    Patterns, Pedals, Practice and Improv

    • Cool Notes

    • Organizing Your Piano Practice

    • The Sustain Pedal

    • Patterns in Music

    • Cool Notes Improv

  • 6

    More Finger Practice and 2-Handed Songs

    • Happy Birthday

    • This Little Light of Mine

    • Silent Night

    • Even More Finger Number Practice

  • 7

    Putting Sharps and Flats to Work

    • Sharps and Flats

    • America the Beautiful

    • Rock Around the Clock

    • Danny Boy

  • 8

    Hands Together and More

    • Hands Together

    • Improvising on the Black Notes

    • First Finger Exercises

    • Improvising in D Dorian, part 1

    • Improvising in D Dorian, part 2

  • 9


    • Conclusion, with Some Nice Classical Music

    • What's Next?